Orders need to be placed before Midnight every Wednesday night, for same week Sunday delivery. Orders placed on Thursday, will be delivered the following Sunday.

Last orders 19th June for delivery on Sunday 23rd June. Apologies for any inconvenience. We will restart soon with a new menu! Order from Thursday 4th July for 14th July delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders need to be placed before Midnight every Wednesday night, for same week Sunday delivery. Orders placed on Thursday, will be delivered the following Sunday.

Please contact us directly to cancel your weekly meal subscription with 48 hours notice. A £2 administrative fee will apply.

Yes all first time customers receive 20% off their first order but also keep an eye out, as we like to support our regular customer too and put special offers on as well as a small gifts every now and again.

All meals at the moment will be delivered on a Sunday Between 9am and 6pm depending on location. A time slot will be allocated on or the day before. Obviously times may change depending on routes which may have traffic.

We understand people have busy lives and if you will not be in please inform us on the date of ordering via the comment section to arrange a suitable secure place we can leave the meals.  This will allow us to arrange suitable storage for all meals for that day.  If you need to leave the house that day of delivery please inform us ASAP and ensure an area is clean and safe where we can leave the meals at your address or with a neighbour but also if you could leave a cool box with ice packs just in case that would be brilliant thanks.  Again delivery cases and icepacks is something we are looking into it just takes time….

There is a Delivery fee of just £5 for the Sunday delivery

All meals will last 3-4 days in a cool refrigerator between 1c and 5c or 4 weeks frozen at -18c(see next question). If you do not freeze your meals, please eat by the "Use By Date" on the label. Since our food is made fresh and without any additives or preservatives, sometimes and very rare a meal may not last as long as the recommended date. We suggest eating any fish and seafood dishes at the beginning of the week to guarantee optimal freshness.

Yes all Meals can be frozen and we have had amazing feedback on the quality and freshness once defrosted.  Obviously some meals may have salad with them perhaps eat these before or replace with fresh salad.  All sauces can be frozen too just stir them before serving.

All meals will be labelled with recommend heating times.  But we are going to tell you anyway so firstly release the lid from your meals but still cover the meal with the lid and place them in the microwave for 3-5 minutes depending on the power of your microwave. For frozen meals, we recommend leaving the meal in the fridge overnight to defrost before re-heating that next day only.  Some meals may have a small pot of yoghurt which will be served cold.  Some may have sauces which can be heated separately for 10-20 seconds depending on the power of the microwave.

Due to the nature of our product, we are unable to accept returns. If you are not satisfied with a meal please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order and please let us know. We like to do all we can to provide the best product to our customers and cannot fix problems we don't know about. Should you ever receive the wrong order or are missing part of your order, please contact us immediately (within 24 hours) and we will do all we can to correct the issue.

All allergens and ingredients are listed on each meal.  Even I have allergens to Dairy and Soya so we all have to be careful.  Some may not know that they have any allergens so we recommend contacting us if you have any allergens or dietary requirements. We are pleased to work alongside Nutrition Element to help support our customers with potential food intolerance.  Please contact Rachael Gray at info@nutritionelement.co.uk for more information and receive 15% off all tests, please quote THE HEALTHY PREP CHEF upon booking.

Yes all the meals are on MyFitnessPal and there is a barcode to scan on each dish on the website.  Or type in the healthy prep chef on MyFitnessPal and each dish will come up, then add them to your meal plan

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